“What is Truth?” Part 1

I was following a page on Facebook that sent to my profile a daily excerpt from something A.W. Pink said, preached or wrote in a book. I understood already that Mr. Pink leaned toward if not was a staunch Calvinist. knowing what I believe and am firm in the word of God, I am able to read from him and take only the healthy stuff. Kind of like eating fried chicken and knowing when to stop before I eat the bone. Mr. Pink has a lot of insight regarding the word of God and so I believe it to be shorting myself to not consider his thoughts on things. I’ve come to believe that if you only surround yourself with those who agree with you, you have a tendency to become a bit of a know it all. Then when someone crosses your path that challenges what you believe, you tend to not handle it well and may even appear foolish. In saying this, I must make a disclaimer. I don’t make it a regular habit of fellow shipping with Calvinist. Back to the page.

I received a daily quote and as I had done before multiple times, I commented. Well, this time my comment evidently ruffled some feathers and a debate ensued regarding the doctrine of election and predestination. You see, a Calvinist believes God chooses whom He will and will not saved, without any action by man, including that of free will. I went back and forth with multiple supporting the Calvinist view and rude things were said regarding my intellect and understanding, however I maintained my composure and started to ask simple questions. For instance, Did Saul not have a choice on the road to Damascus? Was he forced by God to become an apostle? I asked about John 1:12, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name,” of which I never got an answer. Here it is obvious man receives Christ and then he receives the power to become a child of God. If the Calvinist is correct folks, then we have contradictions in the scripture. Of course, this is NOT the case. When I stated my belief regarding God’s foreknowledge of seeing through time and being all-knowing seeing those who would receive and those who would reject Christ, He chose those who would receive Christ. This choice then is He purpose for sending Christ to die on the cross. Election in a nutshell. Ephesians 5 clarifies this for Paul writes that Christ gave Himself “for” the church. I, of course, then asked about all the “whosoevers” in the bible, I mean don’t they signify, well “WHOSOEVER?”

Before I could continue I was informed that I was “unteachable” and then kicked off the page. What a blessing! If I had asked another question, I was going to ask about Adam and Eve. Did God foreordain them to sin? If so, would that now make God unrighteous??? This, of course, is ludicrous, for Paul addressed this very scenario in the letter to the Romans. Adam & Eve had free will and that free will was instituted by God. They were not sinners from the beginning, like we are from our mother’s womb. They were created without sin, but WITH free will. They had the ability to make a choice and they chose sin over God. Adam by disobedience and Eve by deception. Does the doctrine of free will threaten God’s power? NO!!! Does the doctrine of free will threaten His sovereignty…His omnipotence…His omnipresence…His omniscience…His mercy…His grace? NO! NO!! NO!!! It actually makes Him more.

To be continued…