“What Are You Skilled In?” Part 2

Now let me say what I’m not saying. We’re not saying that we are to strive to be the best singer in church! As a matter of fact, the average person sitting on the pew, including this preacher, cannot sing very well at all, IF at all. HOWEVER, this is not a viable excuse to muddle through the worship portion of the church service either! At least not when there is Bible instruction that teaches otherwise.

Preachers preach and teachers teach, “Be the best you, you can be.” This is wonderful, but the question remains, is that the case? Are we being the best that we can be?

There is a portion of scripture I recently read that truly got my attention. Notice 2 Chronicles 5:13-14. In v. 13 the Bible states that the trumpeters and the singers were sounding as ONE. Next it says they were making ONE sound. This sound was for the purpose of praising the LORD. They were lifting up their voices with the trumpets, cymbals and instruments of music praising the LORD. Now notice the last phrase in v.13 and how this must have gotten the attention of the Lord, because the house was filled with a cloud. We read in v. 14 that the presence of God so filled the house that the priests could not minister. The glory of God came down in a powerful way. Why? It was due to their oneness in singing and the playing of instruments for the purpose of praising Him. By the way, this could not have happened unless their hearts were in tune as well.

Question: What did the congregational singing sound like in church Sunday? Would you say God is pleased with what is going on? How many people are off key and out of tune? You may say, “It doesn’t matter as long as I sing for the LORD. I’m not singing for man.” If we’re singing for the LORD, does He not deserve our best? If we’re willing to practice ball for a man, train at a job for a man, shouldn’t we be willing to practice and train our voices to praise the Savior of our eternal soul? Many say, “I can’t sing.” I can think of at least a dozen things that I could not do 20 years ago, but now I can. I never saw myself as a preacher, but now have been doing so the past 17+ years.

In Daniel 3:5, 3:7, 3:10 and 3:17 the phrase “all kinds of music” is mentioned. I believe the reason people are off key and out of tune in church congregational singing is because they have not been trained to sing “their” part in the song and therefore no harmony can be made. Their singing, if you will, the song their own way. Have you ever been next to someone that sings too high or too low for you. You try to harmonize without even thinking about it. You might say to your self they cannot sing right or you’re just not feeling it that morning, but the reality is that if we were to submit to someone who is able to instruct us, then our singing would naturally improve and we would be closer to giving our best.

Now, why write on such a subject? Well, because it is apparent that God is impressed with singing that sounds as one. It seems that He is so impressed with the right kind of singing that He comes down in such a powerful way that the preacher cannot preach. Anyone who has been in church long enough knows that if the singing is right on, the preaching is easier to hear and people are more likely to heed the message. Even bad preaching is good when the singing is right. lol!

We hope this will challenge you to seek to do your best Sunday morning to sing for the Lord.

Until He comes again…