“The Power of Water”

The bible records for us in John 4 the subject of living water and Jesus uses it to describe the power of salvation within the soul of the believer. I guess we could call this type of water an, “active water source.” Jesus says it flows like a river. One thing it is not is stagnant, just standing around doing nothing.

Lately, we have had ALOT of rain…inches upon inches of rain. Just a few minutes ago I received a flash flood warning on my phone. This morning when I took my dog out for a walk, I noticed the ditch line next to the road where the water was flowing. The way the water flowed arrested my attention for a moment and I stood there briefly watching how the water flowed…the ripples and current were almost hypnotizing. Last November, my wife and I were in St. Thomas, USVI for 2 weeks. Every day we were on the beach and one day I was mesmerized by the waves so powerfully that I fell asleep and got burned pretty bad. While at one of the beaches I was snorkeling after it had stormed the day before and I was being tossed about rather easily by the powerful waves coming in. Underneath the surface you could see the affects of the current upon the marine life. It was so relaxing to just let the water rock me around and take in the scenery.

While walking my dog this morning, I also noticed how the flowing water pooled up at the end of the ditch and then ultimately flowed into a neighboring pond. The pond is what’s called a stagnant water source. This is something of a different story than the flowing water. Stagnant water is actually dangerous. For one it smells and it is also a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes…ugh! Also, stagnant water may contain malaria and other diseases. There’s no flowing activity in stagnant water, it does not move and breeds an unhealthy environment.

As I stood there this morning and pondered upon the affects if water, I couldn’t help but think about the believer’s life. I wonder how many of God’s children are stagnant. How many, who were once flowing, active that is, but now something has happened and they’ve become accustomed to an unhealthy environment? I’m not saying they have turned to a life of gross sin, but rather they have removed themselves from the very environment they once thrived in. The environment they were growing in and becoming an established river of service to the God that saved them from hell and from sin. As a preacher/pastor, it is heart breaking to think of those, over the years, who have pooled up somewhere, becoming stagnant, producing and unhealthy spirit of bitterness, resentment, anger, sadness, etc.

May I say how powerful Christ is at this moment? May I say how He is able to break the dam and get the waters flowing again? He can and does it everyday and will do it in your life, if you will allow Him. Whatever it is that has caused you to become stagnant is only the trial by which the enemy has used to create a dam around you, so that you don’t flow.

Flowing water causes people to stop and watch. It causes people to be interested and even intrigued. However, stagnant water causes people to turn their noses up and avoid the area. We, as believers are called by God to draw people to Christ, the giver of living water. If we are stagnant, then we are causing them to avoid the gospel, causing them to avoid Christ. We are the dam between them and the Savior.

In conclusion, I watched a video recently where a man took his children to a water source. I don’t know the history of the video, but it appeared that he dammed up a water source to show his children the power of water. Once the water got so deep he kicked the dam and the water broke forth. Within just a few moments, the dry area was engulfed with a stream of flowing water. The man and his children were ecstatic watching the event unfold before them. When the stray sheep come back to God it’s like one kick to the dam the enemy has built and all those around rejoice over the power of Christ flowing through them once again.