“In the Moment”

Each day is filled with moments…some small, some big, all life changing, even in the smallest of ways. Some moments are better than most, however some we would desperately like to have back. Some make us proud and excited, while others leave us with feelings of shame.

Sometimes we do things, “in the heat of the moment,” not considering the consequences of what we’re doing, saying or even thinking. A moment has the power to destroy something that has taken years to build, like trust for instance. This could be in a marriage relationship, a friendship or even a business partnership. One tiny moment of an indiscretion, action based on impulse or just simply not thinking can and does have an impact on not just one, but possibly multiple lives. One moment can destroy a family, a business and even a church. There are times we attempt to justify ourselves by saying, “I just got caught up in the moment,” or “I was in the moment and just wasn’t thinking.”

There are times we miss out on big opportunities, because we allow a “moment” to slip by…doing nothing…living in regret. Moments have the power to define a person, therefore, it is vital we take time to seize the moment. We are not promised tomorrow or even the next moment and yesterday has quickly faded, so now is all we have. Paul writes, “now is the day of salvation.” There may not be another opportunity for the lost soul to call upon God, just like there may not be another opportune moment for you to do what you need to do now.

Is there something you have been putting off? Making amends with someone? Correcting a fault? Telling someone how you feel? Repenting and returning to God? Making good on your word you gave to someone, possibly God? It’s easy to get caught up in this world, busy about life and allow moment after moment to fly by, thinking you have plenty.

Take a moment and cherish your loved ones, they may be gone “in a moment.” I would issue caution to someone reading this…DO NOT live for the moment, but certainly live IN the moment. Cherish each moment of each day, as if it were your last. This doesn’t mean to live carelessly, on the contrary, live cautiously…live deliberately…live…

Our moments are numbered, so use them wisely.