“Hind Sight…Blurred Vision”

There is an old saying, “Hindsight 20/20.” Hindsight is defined as, “understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.” At 45 years old, it is safe to say I have certainly have many occurrences of hindsight. Should’ve…could’ve…would’ve as they say. However, even though we have hindsight, what good does it do, if forgiveness is missing???

Jesus clearly taught to Peter & his disciples the truth of forgiving one another and the implications of refusing to do so. Withholding forgiveness carries a great cost, not to mention an unintended burden upon the with-holder. Forgiveness is one of the paramount teachings of Christ. It is the doctrine of such that the believer begins their Christian life with. Before tithing is ever delivered, before church attendance is ever regarded, before attire is ever approached, before music preference is ever debated and etc…the Christian experience begins & is marked with that of forgiveness.

Could it be that forgiveness is like that of the basics of childhood? Let me explain. When we’re young, such as an infant, we learn the building blocks of life, for instance, how to potty, how to eat, how to speak and so on. Did you ever wonder, by listening to some people and think, “Have they ever really even been taught how to properly speak?” Maybe the next time you’re sitting in a restaurant, look around. There are times I wonder, “Did their mother/father ever teach them to use a napkin or to not speak with food in their mouth or to not stuff so much in their mouth at one time.” Yes, I am referring to grown adults…seemingly anyway.

Now, with that thought still in your mind, could it be that as Christians, we forget the first building block of the faith? Do we attempt to perfect the smaller, less significant things, all the while forgetting the basics of Christianity?

Forgiveness is a subject that many have parted ways on. I am not here to tell you how, when or who you should forgive. That is, once again, the Lord’s job. However, I am here to encourage you to search the scriptures regarding the teachings of Christ upon the subject and align with Him…not “THEM,” whoever “THEM” is.

I will say this in conclusion, sometimes the most difficult thing to do for anyone is to forgive. Forgiving is powerful and it brings peace. Forgiving unites and it can reunite. Sadly, forgives may also divide when when one refuses to either give it or even receive it. Saying it isn’t the same as doing it either. The fruits of forgiveness need no words, no proclamation, no pomp & circumstance. If you forgive someone, they will know it by your actions.