Happy Easter

It’s that time of year again…Easter

Millions will hide eggs from their children to watch them run around searching for prizes, to see how many eggs they can find. Others will attend church the one of two times they do every year, while others will attend this Sunday just like they do every other Sunday. Special clothes are bought to wear, because it is Easter and so on.

The biblical Easter, however is the celebration of the resurrected Lord. Just 3 days after he had been executed in horrific fashion, Christ arose from the grave, just as he had predicted more than once. By doing so, he had overcome the grip of the grave, the destruction of death and the stench of sin. His flesh had no more hold upon him, hence he was able to walk through walls, appear and disappear and ultimately ascend into heaven, where he remains…until that day he comes again.

The resurrection holds multiple truths regarding victory. For the believer, it is the hope of eternal life, victory over death, as well as, victory over other things. You see, the resurrection isn’t, nor should it be, only something for a future date. It is something, the believer can derive hope from today. Discouragement is something everyone struggles with, even Christ. In the garden when he prayed, the bible states how he was “exceeding sorrowful.” This means, “intensely sad.” Understand, Christ was (at this time) surrounded by nothing but the negativity of what was going to happen.

For three years, he had been healing and ministering unto hundreds of people. He has been teaching and preaching truth everywhere he went, only to have people deny him, rail false accusations at him, lie on him, betray him and etc. One of his very own disciples betrayed him with a kiss upon the cheek, while another would eventually deny even knowing him. All this was taking place, while Satan was tempting him and bringing enemy after enemy against him. The very people (Jews) which he came to save, rejected him. So, of course he was intensely sad or in another term depressed. The humanity of Christ suffered through depression and discouragement just like anyone else. Thank God for the divinity that was in him.

Christ not only arose from the dead to simply provide for the believer an entrance into heaven one day, but also that the believer would have victory now, in this life, over battles that are many times unseen by those around us.

Two things must happen BEFORE the resurrection could take place: 1) The Crucifixion & 2) The Funeration. Christ must first be killed and then buried. Let me say this to the reader…there are things that must die and then be buried before we can ever experience the resurrection of joy, peace and love once again. Before these 2 take place, the resurrection of things we’ve lost sight of is but a fantasy.

Until He comes again…