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“Hind Sight…Blurred Vision”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Feb 1, 2019 | Comments Off on “Hind Sight…Blurred Vision”

There is an old saying, “Hindsight 20/20.” Hindsight is defined as, “understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.” At 45 years old, it is safe to say I have certainly have many occurrences of hindsight. Should’ve…could’ve…would’ve as they say. However, even though we have hindsight, what good does it…

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“Make Sure of Your Footing”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Feb 1, 2019 | Comments Off on “Make Sure of Your Footing”

The recent weather has stirred a thought within me this evening, regarding our footing. Paul, the apostle writes, “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure…” Imagine, if you will, of the horror stories you have heard of where someone walks out on a pond, creek or lake when the temperatures dips below freezing. They test…

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“The Next Step”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Jan 30, 2019 | Comments Off on “The Next Step”

Have you ever really considered your, “walk with God?” We talk about it, using the phrase to describe our relationship with Him, yet have you ever really considered it? What the most crucial thing is about it, excluding it must be of faith, of course. We read where Enoch, “walked with God,” and how the…

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“How Do You Wake Up?”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Feb 11, 2018 | Comments Off on “How Do You Wake Up?”

Working at a fire dept for the past 12 years has proven to be very insightful regarding the differences in human behavior. Over the past 12 years, I have had the distinct pleasure to work with over 30 different people, whom I have spent 24 hours with every third day. Spending that much time with…

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“There is A Friend”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Dec 16, 2017 | Comments Off on “There is A Friend”

Friendship is a tender thing. In the Proverbs, the writer states, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” I am interested, this evening, in the second part of this passage. I am convinced that this is in reference to none other than…

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“An Ugly Christian”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Sep 22, 2017 | Comments Off on “An Ugly Christian”

During my service in the military, I was not living the life of a Christian and made some terrible choices. While in the Navy, I was out on liberty one evening when we were in Turkey. A couple of friends and I were “enjoying” the town’s establishments and needless to say I made an absolute…

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“And Your Response Is?”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | May 3, 2017 | Comments Off on “And Your Response Is?”

I was thinking this evening upon a subject and so I thought I’d write about it briefly. I say briefly, because I don’t think there is enough room here to cover the subject in great detail. The subject I am speaking of is that of conviction. The word conviction has more than one meaning. There…

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“Discouragement Destroys”

By Pastor Chris Blythe | May 2, 2017 | Comments Off on “Discouragement Destroys”

I heard a preacher say one time how that “Discouragement is the devil’s number one tool” against believers. That being said, another preacher profoundly stated how that discouragement is one the purest forms of selfishness. Considering both of these statements and how both would seem to be true and support one another. Discouragement most often…

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“What is Truth?” Part 2

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Apr 29, 2017 | Comments Off on “What is Truth?” Part 2

The 5 points of Calvinism are: T.U.L.I.P. = Total Depravity – Unconditional Election – Limited Atonement – Irresistible Grace – Perseverance of the Saints. Most will agree with some of these points. For example: the bible is clear that man cannot come to Christ except he be drawn by God, so man cannot just decide…

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“What is Truth?” Part 1

By Pastor Chris Blythe | Apr 29, 2017 | Comments Off on “What is Truth?” Part 1

I was following a page on Facebook that sent to my profile a daily excerpt from something A.W. Pink said, preached or wrote in a book. I understood already that Mr. Pink leaned toward if not was a staunch Calvinist. knowing what I believe and am firm in the word of God, I am able…

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