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Precious Memories

Today is Memorial Day 2019 and recently I was looking through some photos from 9 years ago. Now, I realize that Memorial Day was started specifically for the honor of those who gave their lives in fighting for the freedoms we so dearly enjoy. I want to take this opportunity to say how grateful I…

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“Invested or Indifferent?”

Since 1997, I have been involved in the church, in various ways. These include, but are not limited to being: a youth leader, a church member (pew sitter), associate minister, pastor, Sunday School teacher, janitor and grounds keeper. Over the years, I have had my seasons of being detached or distant, due to multiple reasons.…

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“One Word”

Sunday morning, during Sunday School, I was asked a question, “What is God’s greatest gift to me?” I thought for about one second and said, “Salvation.” This provoked a discussion regarding Christ and which is greater, his birth or his resurrection. Upon discussing the matter, I determined the matter in such as this. Christ is…

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