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“What is Truth?” Part 2

The 5 points of Calvinism are: T.U.L.I.P. = Total Depravity – Unconditional Election – Limited Atonement – Irresistible Grace – Perseverance of the Saints. Most will agree with some of these points. For example: the bible is clear that man cannot come to Christ except he be drawn by God, so man cannot just decide…

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“What is Truth?” Part 1

I was following a page on Facebook that sent to my profile a daily excerpt from something A.W. Pink said, preached or wrote in a book. I understood already that Mr. Pink leaned toward if not was a staunch Calvinist. knowing what I believe and am firm in the word of God, I am able…

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“Drifting Apart”

There has been a thought upon my heart for a long time and I believe it is time that I write about it. The reason I haven’t written about it sooner is simply because I was not ready to. Sometimes we need time to heal from wounds, grow from experiences or learn a lesson from…

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