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“I Go A Fishing!”

In John 21:3, the Apostle Peter speaks these recorded words of John. The timing is after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Fishing was Peter’s occupation before he met the Lord and to this he was intending to return. In Matthew 4:19, Jesus calls Peter and tells him to follow Him, that He would make…

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“What Do You Believe?”

If we were to pose a question to you today, how would you answer the following, “Do you really believe what you, for years, have professed to believe?” What a question huh? Some right now may be saying, “How dare he ask such a question!” Yet, that statement does not answer the question at hand.…

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“Help Me Help You” Part 7

We now come to the conclusion of this series of Hebrews 13:17. We have written upon the responsibility of the member to the pastor and the accountability of the pastor to the Lord. We have also written upon the rule of the pastor and the submission of the member and how each plays a big…

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