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“What is Truth?”

In John 18:38, the Roman Governor, Pilate, asked Jesus the question, “What is truth?” According to John’s account, as soon as he asked the Lord this profound question he turns from Jesus and walks out. What a silly thing to do, right? I mean, why ask Jesus Christ a question and then before the He…

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“Private Christianity?”

Christianity is certainly NOT what many think and/or portray. Christian is a term that many have adopted as a title for themselves and what they believe to be true; however, the word Christian is found only 3 times in scripture. The term “Christian” is translated the same in all three places, “follower of Christ.” Webster’s…

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“In Good Company?”

In 2 Samuel 23:8-23 the reader will take notice of something very important and that is who we keep company with matters. Multiple times in preaching and teaching we have made the comment that in order to be a help to someone who is unlearned in the Bible and the ways of God, one must…

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